Recreate the experience using practical effects » 5/04/15 12:32pm Today 12:32pm

For example, to reproduce the experience of being at the UK's Glastonbury Festival, set up a tent in your living room. Invite all your friends to set up their tents next to yours. Instruct some of your friends to come back late at night, shout loudly, and kick your tent…

Maz Kanata’s castle certainly sounds like a “wretched hive of scum and villainy”. Not the most wretched hive, of course, but certainly a wretched hive. Which is good, because if there’s one thing I like, it’s a wretched h. of s. and v. You can never have too many of them for my taste. » 5/04/15 10:15am Today 10:15am

Obligatory Don’t-Screw-It-Up: Don’t screw it up. Don’t screw it up.

Odd thing about TFW: I read it in paperback many, many years ago, and was particularly impressed by a middle section that dealt with propaganda and manipulation of the truth by the government. When I re-read it in a new edition, he’d removed that whole… » 5/01/15 2:30pm Friday 2:30pm

Something not too dissimilar (well, something not completely unrelated) caused problems for the Millennium Bridge in London. When the newly-built bridge swayed, pedestrians instinctively corrected for the swaying — but they did so all at once, thus becoming part of the resonant system and amplifying the effect.

“Horse… » 5/01/15 10:43am Friday 10:43am

“I am still jumping between what I think I know and what is reality. I have lived it and I’m not really there yet,” she said.

Poor Belle is just confused, you understand. She’s the real victim in all this, of course.

Just once, just once, I’d like to hear one of these people say: “OK, I’m a lying sack of shit, and I did… » 4/23/15 6:10pm 4/23/15 6:10pm

“Mr Jones ... Mr Jones ... can you hear me?
“Uh, I ...”
“That’s right. Take it easy. Feeling better now?”
“What happened?”
“You were dead for three minutes there, Mr Jones. We thought we’d lost you.”
“Really dead?”
“As a doornail.”
“So what’s it like, Mr Jones? Did you experience anything? A bright light? A long tunnel?… » 4/23/15 4:17pm 4/23/15 4:17pm

Give it time, give it time. That's the next phase.

Although reportedly some of the people seen (rightly or wrongly) as the 'inner circle' of Sad&Rabid Puppydom have reportedly received abuse, including death threats. Which just goes to show that there are assholes on all sides of the fence. » 4/15/15 1:22pm 4/15/15 1:22pm

A friend who used to be in cabin crew once told me that any burning you smell is not directly from the chemical reaction, as the oxygen candles are sealed units. However, the reaction is strongly exothermic, so the canister gets very hot and the canister, plus anything on the outside of it (paint, dust etc), gets very… » 4/13/15 2:07pm 4/13/15 2:07pm

I've watched enough movies to know that this won't end well. When the dread legions of Venomous Stabbing Space Newts are hunting the remnants of humanity through the twisted wreckage of our civilization, I hope someone from the ESA will take a moment to reflect on what a truly bad idea this was.
» 4/13/15 7:57am 4/13/15 7:57am